Meet the Artist

Robyn Palescandolo is an artist, art historian, world traveller, idealist….  a woman of many interests who loves learning. Art is her way of translating the world, putting her feelings and experiences into a tangible form. It is her outlet.

She spends many hours painting in her private studio as well as working in shared creative spaces — trying to build communities and enjoy the company of other inspired people… but this is just one of the many ways she spreads knowledge and mentors budding artists. She also teaches workshops, offers private lessons, and owns La Locanda del Tempo farmhouse & painting retreat in Spoleto, Italy.

Areas of Expertise

Figurative Oil Painting and Drawing, Portraiture, Archaeological Ruins, and Cityscapes.

Art & Life with R. Palesca

Art & Life with R. Palesca began as a personal blog in 2014 as a way to share current projects and adventures.  It grew slowly and organically. More and more artists came to Robyn seeking advice, so she in turn began sharing more and more of her process. Realizing the demand for high-quality traditional painting resources on the web, the blog slowly transformed into what it is today: a collection of professional articles for classical artists.